La Mer Enchanté - Exotica session

Please listen to this lovely exotic and tropical mix by Saitas Airways, which I found on mixcloud:

LA MER ENCHANTÉ - Exotica session by Saitas Airways on Mixcloud


  1. Great mix, thanks for the tip!

  2. you have a deep knowledge of eclectic music. i am sorry to see you go. i noticed the first song in the playlist is unknown, by unknown. i am surprised at how many songs in my itunes are titled unknown, even after editing the names and updating them they rarely stick. music that itunes has no clue about and gracenote doesn't list. apple really sucks when it comes to music. the music i purchased from them was registered to my old system, so when i upgraded my system, all my music i purchased had to be updated with old passwords from the old system. and the unknown is just a dog's breakfast. heartbreaking really, with all the years poured into making a personal playlist. i hate apple and pc and computers. i am listening to vinyl again as long as my needle lasts. this world is making me sick.