Not a DJ Mix #1 - Exotica

This mix contains a lot of classic exotica-songs... mixed very nice.

NOT A DJ MIX #1- EXOTICA by DENMAN as Winleach666


01. Martin Denny-Quiet Village
02. Arthur Lyman-Sim Sim
03. Bas Sheva-Lust
04. Tak Shindo-Bali Ha’i
05. Billy May-This Room is My Castle of Quiet
06. Don Costa-The Misfits
07. Korla Pandit-Misirlou
08. Combustible Edison-Carnival of Souls
09. The Out Islanders-Honorable Hong Kong Rock
10. Esquivel-El Cable
11. Juaneco y Su Combo-Caballito Nocturno
12. Jack Constanzo-Latin Fever
13. Yma Sumac-Gopher
14. Tino Contreras-Brazil
15. 80 Drums Around the World-Caravan
16. Martin Denny-Cubano Chant
17. The Three Suns-Danny’s Inferno
18. Les Baxter-Atlantis
19. Eden Ahbez-Full Moon
20. Martin Denny-Quiet Village [Moog Version]

Get it!

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